April 19, 2017


Bookpoint operates a thriving apprentice scheme, which ensures our values and standards are passed on to the next generation of workers. Since starting the Apprenticeship programme in 2009 we have had some fantastic people join us, and the programme has gone from strength to strength. We believe that investing in our apprentices through training, mentoring, and giving them the freedom to learn on the job – with support from their team – helps them develop a great understanding of the many different aspects of distribution, and business in general, and allows them to go as far as their ambition will take them. Bookpoint offers a variety of apprenticeship opportunities across the whole spectrum of distribution, and our apprentices have become truly valued members of their Business Unit, be that Customer services, Credit Services or warehousing. We continually monitor and assess the apprentice’s progress, and actively seek feedback on the apprenticeship programme itself, so we can make changes to keep the programme fresh and relevant. The old saying ‘the more you put in, the more you get out’ has never been truer, and it works both ways; happy apprentices learn more, and add more value to their team!


I joined Bookpoint as a Customer Service Apprentice in September 2009, this gave me opportunity to gain work experience in an office based role as well as improve and expand my customer service skills.

During this time I completed a Level 2 Business and Admin NVQ as an apprentice and then later completed a Level 3 Customer Service NVQ when I started my permanent contract as a full Customer service advisor in September 2010. There were plenty of other opportunities for training too such as a Microsoft Excel course and a BITE project which I participated in which involved finding ways to improve the delivery service we provide to schools.

I progressed to management level as a Team Leader for the schools team in May 2015, the department is very busy at times and using my experience in the department I’m able to use my current skills and gain and develop my management skills too.

Catherine Shipston – Customer Service Team Leader

I started work as an apprentice at Bookpoint on the 22nd August 2016. I am based in the non-trade team within customer services. My role involves communicating with publishers, customers and carriers which has help me to build my communication skills. I also have post-room duties at least twice a week and I am currently being trained on Reception. As part of my apprenticeship I will also be spending a week down in our Warehouse learning about the different processes .
Since starting at Bookpoint, everyone has been really welcoming and supportive. There is always someone willing to help me with any questions or queries I may have. I have really enjoyed working as a team as I have learnt about each of my colleague’s different roles and responsibilities, and it has helped to build my knowledge about Bookpoint. This has been furthered through training which occurs weekly where I have the opportunity to learn about different jobs within in my team.
I think that continuous training has really helped contribute to my NVQ as it has broadened my knowledge and skills within Bookpoint and customer services as a whole. It has also made me more motivated as there are plenty of opportunities to learn new things at Bookpoint.

Susannah Shipston – 2016-2017 Apprentice

On September 5th 2016 I started my Customer Service Apprentice role at Bookpoint LTD. I have been trained in a variety of areas of the business which includes; the offices, warehouse, reception and post room. This knowledge has helped me really engage an understanding for what the business does on a day to day basis in all different departments. Personally I believe these activities have benefited me to help develop and improve my skills and knowledge to make me a better team worker/member.
Doing the different roles & working with different people has made me grow as a person and feel the skills I have learnt I can use them every day in work and in everyday life. The main attributes developed at Bookpoint have been mentally and socially as my confidence has grew as a person, my communicational skills to deliver good customer service has improved, and my team working skills.
I am really relishing my job at Bookpoint and enjoying the apprenticeship side of the course as I am learning a lot about the business and myself which I hope I will continue to develop throughout this whole process. 

Jake Denton – 2016-2017 Apprentice