March 9, 2016

Digital Distribution

Hachette UK runs an industry-leading enterprise Digital Asset Management System in addition to physical distribution. We offer ‘end to end’ digital distribution service to our clients. This solution provides access to the Hachette Digital Asset Management system (ADAM), a state of the art platform for storing digital content. Once stored this data is available for global distribution to e-tailers and aggregators. Combined with sales processing and cash collection we offer the complete digital distribution package and enable you to consolidate your view of physical and digital sales in one place.

Key features

  • Storage and management of e-book or digitally-distributed assets
  • Direct system access via the internet
  • Digital storage of e-books
  • Secure back-up for stored assets
  • Digital distribution of e-books to retailers via Ingram’s CoreSource
  • System training
  • Customer support on technical issues